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Edward Dore edward.dore at freethought-internet.co.uk
Sun May 27 04:31:02 EDT 2018

On 27/05/2018, 09:28, "juniper-nsp on behalf of Vincent Bernat" <juniper-nsp-bounces at puck.nether.net on behalf of bernat at luffy.cx> wrote:

     ❦ 27 mai 2018 13:24 +0700, Mark Tees <marktees at gmail.com> :
    > Not sure if it’s licensed on FIB usage but I’m trying to gain an idea on
    > both full table and partial table options.
    For full FIB (or RIB?), you need the S-MX104-ADV-R2 license whose public
    price is 20000. However, the limitation is not enforced (you cannot even
    add the license to the system, it's just a piece of paper). This kind of
    license limitation doesn't exist with the MX80 (or with any other MX
    from the same era). This license can be part of a bundle (you should
    definitely look at bundles for the MX104, the pricing doesn't make much
    sense). If you buy it separately, Juniper easily does at least 30% on
    licenses. Personnally, I wouldn't pay anything for such a license since
    the MX104 slow routing engine is unable to handle an Internet-sized FIB
    without important downtimes during changes (1-2 minutes). You'll have to
    select the routes you install in FIB if you want to minimize impacts
    during changes and you'll need to be below the licensing limit (256k
    routes I think).
    I can't say anything about current pricing because I've bought mine more
    than 3 years ago, but you should also consider if a MX204 or a MX150
    would fit your needs. The routing engines are far more capable on these
    (but they are a fixed chassis with only one routing engine).

Mark asked about the MX204, not the MX104.

Edward Dore 
Freethought Internet


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