[j-nsp] Force a reboot from the serial console?

Saku Ytti saku at ytti.fi
Thu May 31 15:30:53 EDT 2018

Hey Harry,

This is unfortunate news, considering JNPR is shipping now platform
with true lights-out OOB, port which does not rely on router
control-plane CPU and Memory, debugger-on-break was only reasonable
abstraction of OOB. On-band RS232 depending on main OS running is far
less than ideal.
I hope there are plans to introduce lights out port in future.

Anyhow, not shooting the messenger, thank you for the information.

On 31 May 2018 at 20:44, Harry Reynolds <harry at juniper.net> wrote:
> As FYI, the ability to enter db from console has been disabled in recent builds for security reasons. In effect this makes system debugger-on-break (hidden) configuration moot. There is a work around in the form of a panic package, which I assume is available externally given the info in below.
> See pr 1352217 for added info/external content that was to be added to release notes.
> Regards
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> Hey Chris,
> On 31 May 2018 at 20:04, Chris Adams <cma at cmadams.net> wrote:
>> Is there any way to for a reboot at that point?  Like, on old Sun
>> servers, sending a BREAK followed by certain other keys could get to
>> the firmware and hard-reboot the system, even with the OS was fubar.
>> Is there anything like that on a Juniper?
> set system debugger-on-break
> Break would instruct CPU to start executing code where the debugger lives, and from debugger, insha'allah you could reboot the system.
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