[j-nsp] QFX5110 : Q-in-Q in VXLAN

Olivier FRUQUET olivier.fruquet at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 14:32:38 EDT 2018


We've got an IP fabric composed with 2 MX204 routers as cores, 2 QFX5110
switches as Provider Edges, and 2 EX2300 as Customer Edges.
The MX and the QFX communicate together with BGP underlay and overlay
groups, the overlay group use evpn signaling.
Everything to run fine except when we want to make Q-in-Q vlans transiting
through the VXLAN tunnel (only one VNI : 1001).
The Q-in-Q encapsulation comes from the EX2300 switches to the QFX switches
(the S-VLAN Q-in-Q tag is also 1001), but on the other end of the tunnel we
don't have the Q-in-Q frames coming.
We tested some scenarios : for example when we stop the Q-in-Q and just
putting VLAN 1001 tagged from the CE switches, the ping is OK through the
VXLAN tunnel.
We used the pattern 3 from your documentation on the Juniper's website :

Do you have some ideas ?
Thank you !

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