[j-nsp] RE filter BCP

adamv0025 at netconsultings.com adamv0025 at netconsultings.com
Fri Jan 4 08:10:24 EST 2019

> Saku Ytti
> Sent: Thursday, January 3, 2019 8:53 PM
> On Thu, 3 Jan 2019 at 22:50, Anderson, Charles R <cra at wpi.edu> wrote:
> > Thanks.  I assume the same problem exists if you have VRF loopback
> > interfaces inside the VPN as well (e.g. OSPF router-id loopbacks for
> > the customer's VPN).  So the idea is to restrict the destinations to
> > ones that will never exist inside a customer-visible VRF.
> Correct. I think alternative solution is to have lo0 interface for every
VRF, I've
> not tested, but JunOS should consider that filter instead of main table
> filter if defined.
Also in addition to the lengthy, complex and therefore often misconfigured
RE filter a good practice is to have iACLs as a second layer of defence. 
By that I mean a policy applied on all edge interfaces allowing only
selected protocols (e.g. ICMP & BGP) to talk to any of your edge addresses
(reachable form a particular VRF) and deny anything else destined to these
or your internal infrastructure addresses.
Such filters would mitigate the attack vector mentioned above.

Oh and uRPF to not allow customers to spoof their addresses -especially for
customers in internet VRF... 


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