[j-nsp] SRX1500 (pkt mode) dhcp relay and VoIP phones

Michael Davis davis at udel.edu
Wed Jan 16 09:41:49 EST 2019

Thanks.. Not valid for SRX1500 platform.

On 1/16/19 9:37 AM, Anderson, Charles R wrote:
> Maybe try layer2-unicast-replies?
> On Wed, Jan 16, 2019 at 08:38:34AM -0500, Michael Davis wrote:
>> We use SRX's in pkt mode at some remote sites that don't need full blown
>> security, mostly older SRX100s and SRX240s.  We've recently installed a
>> SRX1500
>> at a larger site and everything works as expected, except none of the
>> VoIP phones
>> are getting their addresses from the dhcp relay.  We have 6 VLANs on
>> site and all
>> of them get dhcp as expected, except the VoIP phones.  Putting a laptop
>> on the
>> VoIP VLAN gets an IP correctly.  Monitoring and mirroring the VLAN shows
>> the dhcp
>> reply packets being broadcast to the IRB, but the phones just stay in
>> the selecting
>> state in the binding table.
>> This is the first SRX running the JDHCP code levels so that's suspect,
>> but can't for
>> the life of me see why only the phones are having issues.
>> We were running the recommended 15.1X49-D150.2 and I upgraded this morning
>> to 15.1X49-D160.2 without any change.
>> Has anyone run into such an issue before?
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