[j-nsp] MX480 ospf3 ipsec jammed?

Anderson, Charles R cra at wpi.edu
Sun Jun 16 03:08:47 EDT 2019

Silly question, does the sa name match between "ospf3...ipsec-sa FOO"
and "security ipsec security-association FOO..."?

What does "show ipsec security-associations" show?

What Junos version?  There was a memory leak or file descriptor leak
in older Junos that killed the ipsec daemon after a long uptime, but I
don't recall anything that would cause it to fail right after reboot.
But you can try "restart ipsec-key-management" anyway.

On Sat, Jun 15, 2019 at 09:02:30PM -0500, Scott Harvanek wrote:
> Hey guys,
> Getting something interesting after a reboot;
> Jun 16 01:58:45  MX480.1 kernel: ipsec_find_sa_in_so_gen(1999): Couldn't 
> dereference the sa name = XXXXXXXXXX
> When trying to bring up the IPSec tunnel for ospf3 peering ( which never 
> establishes ), any ideas what this means? Do I need to restart the ipsec 
> key daemon?

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