[j-nsp] 10k FPC vs routing table

Brian Rak brak at gameservers.com
Mon Jun 17 11:03:38 EDT 2019

We hit a weird issue recently where the FPC and routing table do not 
agree on the nexthop for a route:

 > show route    *[BGP/170] 6d 23:14:33, localpref 100, from xxxx
                       AS path: 64515 64514 I, validation-state: unverified
                     > to via irb.522

FPC0( vty)# show route ip lookup
Route Information (
  interface : irb.35 (681)
  Nexthop prefix :
  Nexthop ID     : 2688
  MTU            : 0
  Class ID       : 0

The FPCs are ultimately just using the default route, it seems like they 
didn't actually manage to program this /24.

Is there any graceful way of recovering from this state? Restarting the 
routing process didn't seem to do anything, and we ultimately ended up 
switching over to the other routing engine, which reloaded the PFE and 
resolved the issue (but that interrupted traffic for a bit)

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