[j-nsp] QFX traffic disruption when removing ifl

Antti Ristimäki antti.ristimaki at csc.fi
Tue Jun 18 03:49:25 EDT 2019

Hi colleagues,

Before debugging this further, I'd like to ask whether anyone else has observed traffic disruption on QFX5k switch when a VLAN/ifl is deleted from the switch uplink interface? We have QFX5110 currently with version 17.3R3-S3.3 and we see about 5-7 seconds traffic disruption whenever we delete a VLAN interface from the uplink port. Adding new VLAN(s) does not cause any disruption, but removing e.g. an unnecessary VLAN causes short outage for other vlans. This happens consistently every single time a vlan is removed from the configuration.

Our setup is as simple as it gets. The switch only performs L2 aggregation and QinQ tunneling from customer facing ports towards MX router. Sorry for not giving more details at this point, but I just wanted to know if this sounds familiar at all to anyone.



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