[j-nsp] QFX traffic disruption when removing ifl

Antti Ristimäki antti.ristimaki at csc.fi
Wed Jun 19 15:39:23 EDT 2019


Just for the record if someone else encounters this. We found that the issue was caused by the mac-table-size and/or interface-mac-limit options or their combo within vlan configuration. As soon as we removed those, the issue does not get reproduced. So, either an error in our configuration template or a bug.


----- On 18 Jun, 2019, at 10:49, Antti Ristimäki antti.ristimaki at csc.fi wrote:

> Hi colleagues,
> Before debugging this further, I'd like to ask whether anyone else has observed
> traffic disruption on QFX5k switch when a VLAN/ifl is deleted from the switch
> uplink interface? We have QFX5110 currently with version 17.3R3-S3.3 and we see
> about 5-7 seconds traffic disruption whenever we delete a VLAN interface from
> the uplink port. Adding new VLAN(s) does not cause any disruption, but removing
> e.g. an unnecessary VLAN causes short outage for other vlans. This happens
> consistently every single time a vlan is removed from the configuration.
> Our setup is as simple as it gets. The switch only performs L2 aggregation and
> QinQ tunneling from customer facing ports towards MX router. Sorry for not
> giving more details at this point, but I just wanted to know if this sounds
> familiar at all to anyone.
> Thanks,
> Antti

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