[j-nsp] EVPN transport customer vlan

Olof Lundgren olof at teknograd.no
Wed Jun 19 14:40:36 EDT 2019

Yes, try to remove vlan 1 and 2 from your list.

Ref: https://www.juniper.net/documentation/en_US/junos/topics/concept/vxlan-constraints-qfx-series.html

"When configuring a VLAN ID for a VXLAN, we strongly recommend using a VLAN ID of 3 or higher. If you use a VLAN ID of 1 or 2, replicated broadcast, multicast, and unknown unicast (BUM) packets for these VXLANs might be untagged, which in turn might result in the packets being dropped by a device that receives the packets."

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Hi! Experts

Sorry for disturbing, I want to use EVPN to transport range of customer
vlan traffic, but failed for my POC test (EVPN is OK for other vlan but
failed for vlan-tunnel ), do you have experience and could shed some light
on this? Thanks for your support.

Below is my vlan tunnel related configuration:
lab at QFX51# show interfaces
xe-0/0/3 {
    encapsulation extended-vlan-bridge;
    unit 200 {
        vlan-id-list 1-4094;

lab at QFX51# show vlans
vlan-tunnel {
    interface xe-0/0/3.200;
    vxlan {
        vni 4095;

lab at IX_ACC_JXQ_5F-5_QFX51# show switch-options
vtep-source-interface lo0.0;
vrf-target target:65001:1;

lab at QFX51# show protocols l2-learning

James Chen
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