[j-nsp] 100G DAC issue between MX204 and QFX5110

Eric Krichbaum eric at telic.us
Wed Jun 19 17:03:24 EDT 2019

Has anyone gotten the Fiberstore 100G DAC to link up between a QFX and an MX?  I got link between 2 MX using it without any issue but haven't had any luck to the QFX.

They detect ok:

    Xcvr 48      REV 01   740-061001   C1905258091       QSFP28-100G-CU1M
    Xcvr 49      REV 01   740-061001   C1905258082       QSFP28-100G-CU1M

Just won't come up:

et-0/0/48       up    down 
et-0/0/49       up    down

Updated the 5110s to the JTAC recommended 18.1R3 but haven't established link to the MX's yet to bump them up from the default 17.1.


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