[j-nsp] Link establishment issues with 1Gbps SX/LX SFPs on QFX5110

Timothy Creswick timothy at creswick.eu
Tue Jun 25 10:46:09 EDT 2019


> What version of code are you using? When I worked at Juniper I delt with a ISP that had this issue and I believe
> 17.3R3 did not have the issue at all.

It's basically a 18.x release, we think (hard to be sure because they are SNOS / Satellite releases).

> There was an issue with BCM and the Juniper code. You can manually force the port up in the BCM shell (not that is a
> viable long term solution).
> FPC0( vty)# set dcbcm bcmshell "port 45 an=1 e=t"

Yes, was aware of that and have been using this in our testing. It's not a problem to force the link up, the issue is that the other side still sees the link as down so there is no received traffic. We aren't in a position to always disable auto-neg on the other side.

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