[j-nsp] static arp with unnumbered-address

Baldur Norddahl baldur at gigabit.dk
Wed Feb 12 18:04:37 EST 2020


How do you program in a static arp entry on an interface that is using
family inet unnumbered-address ?


interface ps1 {
    unit 2766 {
        proxy-arp restricted;
        vlan-tags outer 402 inner 1016;
        family inet {
            unnumbered-address lo0.1;
routing instance internet routing-options {
    interface et-0/0/0.2766;
    static {
        route {
            qualified-next-hop et-0/0/0.2766;
          route {
            qualified-next-hop et-0/0/0.2766;

It is not possible to have the juniper router do correct arp in this case.
You can have the range working or you can have the working using preferred source address but not both. So I
figured I could get away with simply hard coding the arp entry. However
static arp is in the family inet address subtree so can not be specified
here. Seriously ?



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