[j-nsp] static arp with unnumbered-address

Alexander Arseniev arseniev at btinternet.com
Thu Feb 13 02:30:47 EST 2020

Firstly, Your example configuration with static /24 routes and 
qualified-NH to IFL does not commit - even after fixing the host portion 
- with error message "subnet routes are not allowed with MAC NH".
Secondly, You could have second static resolve via 1st 
set routing-instances internet routing-options static route qualified-next-hop et-0/0/0.2766
set routing-instances internet routing-options static route next-hop resolve

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Subject: [j-nsp] static arp with unnumbered-address

>How do you program in a static arp entry on an interface that is using
>family inet unnumbered-address ?
>interface ps1 {
>     unit 2766 {
>         proxy-arp restricted;
>         vlan-tags outer 402 inner 1016;
>         family inet {
>             unnumbered-address lo0.1;
>         }
>     }
>routing instance internet routing-options {
>     interface et-0/0/0.2766;
>     static {
>         route {
>             qualified-next-hop et-0/0/0.2766;
>         }
>           route {
>             qualified-next-hop et-0/0/0.2766;
>         }
>It is not possible to have the juniper router do correct arp in this case.
>You can have the range working or you can have the
> working using preferred source address but not both. So I
>figured I could get away with simply hard coding the arp entry. However
>static arp is in the family inet address subtree so can not be specified
>here. Seriously ?
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