[Outages-discussion] Fiber Cut in Southern NJ

Jon Radel jradel at vantage.com
Thu Aug 30 13:11:24 EDT 2012

Yes.  We lost part of our XO MPLS-based network in the Philadelphia 
region.  We've been told that there was a fiber cut involving at least 
72 strands.  We've been told, as of 11am ET, that some repair has been 
achieved but there's no ETR available for all splicing to be completed.

Anything interesting, such as exact location of the cut, other carriers 
involved, what happened, etc., have been carefully filtered out of what 
I'm being told.  ;-)

--Jon Radel
jradel at vantage.com

On 8/30/12 1:02 PM, Tim Donahue wrote:
> Has anyone heard anything about a fibercut near the Southern
> NJ/Philadelphia Area?  We have been getting random error messages on
> phone calls today and we heard a rumor that there might be a outage in
> that area.
> Tim
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