[Outages-discussion] Question Re Strange (Outage Related?) iMessage Behavior

jrk1231-outml at nym.hush.com jrk1231-outml at nym.hush.com
Tue Nov 7 16:54:19 EST 2017

Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but I can’t think of a better
place to ask this question.
Okay… this may not be an outage per se, but it sure acts like one.
I’m struggling to make sense of the behavior I’m seeing and hope
someone can explain what is going on.
I have two cohorts in Portland, OR that are both on Verizon using
iPhones. They are on separate WiFi networks which are on different ISP
networks. Both have WiFi calling on, have strong cellular signal and
strong WiF signal. This problem appears to have started about 11:00 to
12:00 today PST.
Problem: If I text either of them using iMessage, the message
“hangs” on my end, shows as blue, but never shows as delivered.
They never receive it. If they text someone on iMessage it sends as a
green message (normally blue) and the message goes through as an SMS.
Any attempts by the “green” recipient to reply to the message
results in a “green” message that does not goes through.
They have no problem placing or receiving calls (cellular or WiFi) and
no problem using any other apps.
So, is this an outage? 
If so, what is likely to be the source? Apple? Verizon? Handset user?
If not an outage, what’s going on?
Thanks in advance for any clarification as to what is going on!

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