[outages] NY area Verizon FIOS packet loss

Thor Lancelot Simon tls at panix.com
Wed Jun 17 23:20:54 EDT 2020

There have been a few reports of this.  It seems to come and go across
the NY metro area, beginning around 6/11.  The culprit appears to be at or
near one of the routers known as "verizon.com.customer.alter.net" -, and possibly other addresses depending on
peer.  Private peerings seem to take different paths and often aren't

At a regular pattern, but on an interval that's changed a few times over
the past few days, this router will drop about 10% of packets traversing
it for almost exactly 1 full minute.  The interval between these failures
has varied from 10 to 30 minutes over the past few days but it seems to
always be a multiple of 10 minutes.  The pattern is really visually impressive
if you graph it out and I'd actually be curious to know how they managed to
make it happen (I've been musing about error thresholds and hold-down timers
and...etc. but who knows really).


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