[Sysmon-announce] new release 0.91.12

Jared Mauch jared@puck.nether.net
Sun, 18 Aug 2002 15:50:20 -0400

	few things..

	1) you should have gotten a message saying that we're using mailman

	2) sysmon-0.91.12 is out.

	it fixes problems with the spawn feature as well as adding
some warnings for some misconfigurations i've seen recently.

	it also allows the queuetime to be configured on a per-object
basis.  this should allow people who don't want a common queuetime
in large configs to do this properly.

	as always, report bugs to me or via the bugzilla interface
at http://puck.nether.net/bugzilla/



	md5 d7fcfcf7e1e4224a2a6975a749f89735

	- jared

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