[sysmon-help] snmp survey

Eric Hendrickson sysmon at oc2noc.com
Fri Apr 18 10:00:21 EDT 2003

Hi Jared,

I would like to use the SNMP features of Sysmon. I guess my first request 
would be more detailed documentation so that I can really get up to speed on 
Sysmon's SNMP capabilities.

It's a wonderful tool and I'm eager to use it for SNMP polling and 
management. Keep up the great work!


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> Is anyone other than myself using the snmp feature set of
> sysmon?
> 	If so, what features do you believe are missing?  What would
> help you operate your hosts/network if it was available in sysmon?
> 	I'm mostly going to concentrate the featureset on snmp based
> features at this point as the rest of the codebase has been
> fairly static the past few months.
> 	- jared
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