[sysmon-help] cpu utilization

Jared Mauch jared at puck.nether.net
Tue Apr 22 01:22:27 EDT 2003

	well, i finally hunted down a major cpu utilization
issue in sysmon today.

	at/around line 1294 in syswatch.c, add statuschanged=FALSE;
as follows and rebuild.  You will notice a significant decrease in
cpu utilization:

-- snip --
                /* dump current network status to a file */
                if ((html != -1) && (statuschanged || showupalso))
                        dump_to_file(statusfilename, html);
                        statuschanged = FALSE;
-- snip --

	This will also cause an increased disk spin/writes that are 
probally not worthwhile for you.  Enjoy.

	- jared

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