[sysmon-help] Send the information to different email address

swapna ghosh swap_project at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 10 12:23:54 EDT 2003

      While monitoring the sites through SYSMOM,
 I need to send emails to few people for nofifying about
the site up/down. I have made the configuration like as follows:
config sender "Services_sysmon at domain.com";

config pmesg  "Mail is from %m,%s service of %h with IP address %I is having Error. System time is %t.";

set support = "add1 at domain1.com, add2 at domain2.com, add3 at domain3.com";
object shoutcast {

        ip "www.domain.com";
        type tcp;
        port 8000;
        desc "SHOUTcast";
        dep "localhost";
        contact "$support";
        contact_on down;
Is it ok:

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