[sysmon-help] Problem with SNMP error handling

Terje Krogdahl terje at krogdahl.net
Fri Mar 26 04:45:40 EST 2004

I'm running sysmon-devel.12102003.0013 on RH Linux 8.0, and
net-snmp-5.1.1 built from source.

Sometimes SNMP will fail (for unknown reasons) resulting in the error
"snmp_open returned an error". Looking at snmp.c, a return value of -2
is set. However, it seems that this error code is handled wrong
somewhere, and an unneeded alarm is triggered. I don't mind the log entry,
but the email triggers a page.

Mar 26 2004-01:32:35 : snmp_open returned an error
Mar 26 2004-01:32:46 : XXX reboot is down (ERROR) 00:00:00
Mar 26 2004-01:33:37 : XXX reboot is up (up) 00:00:01

Luckily I haven't been the one paged yet, but I probably will be soon :)

Terje Krogdahl

  All roads lead to Rome
     - A clearly confused router (R. Perlman)

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