[sysmon-help] What am I doing wrong ?

Mark Pace Balzan mpb at melitacable.com
Wed Dec 20 18:28:01 EST 2006

Hi All,

Im having a hard time getting sysmon to work in a reliable fashion,
although it looks like other have had success.

Sysmon seems to be reporting a number of devices as not reachable via
ping, when they really are up. 

Ive stripped down my config to rather basic now, but still cant figure
out why this is happening.

Below is the output text file (I chose textfile output not html in the
config), as well as the relevant config file options

Hopefully someone can shed some light

OS: FreeBSD tantalum.melitacable.com 5.5-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.5-RELEASE #0:
Tue May 23 14:58:27 UTC 2006 



Network Summary     sysmon v0.93-pre3
Hostname             Type  Port DownN UpN   NotifiedStat           Time
Failed           ping  0    0    43    No    up             Dec 20
20:42:39           ping  0    0    18    No    up             Dec 20
22:50:29            ping  0    0    18    No    up             Dec 20
22:50:29           ping  0    0    18    No    up             Dec 20
22:50:29           ping  0    0    18    No    up             Dec 20


root = "internal";
# Comments can look like this
; or this

# create a file for web page users
config statusfile text "/usr/local/share/serversstatus3.txt";
# show up and down for hosts/services
config showupalso;
# Log devices that are up/down
config logging file "/var/log/sysmon-servers3.log";
# Configure an authentication key -- Default is none
#config authkey "Debug";
# Set the sender to be sysmon at localhost
config sender "sysmon";
# Expire in-process dns cache this often
config dnsexpire 7200;
# Do not queue more than this many objects to be checked at once
config maxqueued 50;
# service frequency
config queuetime 300;
# how many times host is found down before email or sms is sent
config numfailures 2;
# send reminder email/sms for event ... value in minutes
config pageinterval 10;

# Not implemented yet
#config snmp-trap;              # catch snmp-traps

object internal {
        ip "";
        type ping;
        desc "internal";

object srvneon {
        ip "";
        type ping;
        desc "srvneon";
        dep "internal";

Same for other objects

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