[VoiceOps] Call reconciliation across multiple elements

Howard Hart hch at sipster.com
Sun Aug 2 14:44:15 EDT 2009

Hi Nathan,

  Are you using Network taps at key points or element agents on each of 
your servers (or both)? Obviously a lot tougher to do this if the calls 
are encrypted with TLS or other methods.

  Side note: seems like the IETF is finally tackling this issue with 
multiple working groups now (SIPFIX and maybe parts for the new SIP CLF 
spec)--at least the results of both or either may provide standard specs 
to the finally capture the data in a standardized, consistent way.

Howard Hart

Nathan Stratton wrote:
> On Sat, 1 Aug 2009, anorexicpoodle wrote:
>> For all of you out there with multiple call control elements in your
>> network that might touch a single call, what methods do you use to
>> correlate CDR's across multiple dissimilar platforms (SBC, softswitch,
>> feature servers, LCR etc)?
> Only way we found that is 100% is to build network probes that capture 
> all SIP/RTP traffic. This lets us have a wire view independent source 
> of CDRs that we can cross against broadworks, video conference, and 
> other systems.
> This system also provides us ladder view of call calls merging all 
> internal and external call legs and provides call quality stats on 
> every call leg.
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