[VoiceOps] Call reconciliation across multiple elements

J. Oquendo sil at infiltrated.net
Mon Aug 3 09:27:06 EDT 2009

Hiers, David wrote:
> We don't, yet, but we're working on it.
> Right now, we use whatever is necessary and sufficient for a particular function.  BW CDRs are used for one line of business, while our Sonus CDRs are used for a seperate line.  The Acme CDRs are used when we work with our peering partners.
> We've got an in-house app that does some mediation work, and we're looking at orcawave as a possible solution for a global mediation platform.
> Its a pretty hard problem, as B2BUA and 3PCC can change just about anything you'd want to use to correlate the records.
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Acme bought Covergence not to long ago, when was the last time you took
a look at what they're doing? They may have something in the new lineup
to make your CDR mashup more easier to manage/maintain.

We took a look at Covergence not too long ago (pre Acme purchase) as
we're looking to rid ourselves of our Netrakes.


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