[VoiceOps] SMS gateway API.

Andy Davidson andy at nosignal.org
Mon Aug 10 02:48:57 EDT 2009

On 10 Aug 2009, at 01:33, John Todd wrote:

>  I'm interested in hearing if anyone has been able to get a decent  
> service provider up and running who supports selling a DID that  
> originates SIP VoIP _and_ will handle bi-directional SMS via some  
> other protocol to the same E.164 address, with minimum quantity 1  
> for service provisioning preferably with credit card or PayPal.  I'm  
> looking for North America, but other locations would be interesting,  
> too.  Having the ability to port a number (mobile of fixed-line) to  
> the service would cause me to swoon with joy.

You can buy UK numbering with in/outbound SIP and SMS support from AQL  
- www.aql.com.


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