[VoiceOps] SMS gateway API.

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
Mon Aug 10 10:35:34 EDT 2009

Another option to look at is http://www.msgme.com/.  Their primary product
is a "managed SMS campaign" solution where they provide a portal and do most
of the work for you, but I know one of the original architects and they can
be fairly flexible and they do have an API.

One nice thing is they have the whole process of getting short codes nailed
down, so if you really need a custom one they can help you (still costs
$$$), however they also give you the option to use shared short codes where
messages are routed based on a keyword in the message body.


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On 10 Aug 2009, at 01:33, John Todd wrote:

>  I'm interested in hearing if anyone has been able to get a decent  
> service provider up and running who supports selling a DID that  
> originates SIP VoIP _and_ will handle bi-directional SMS via some  
> other protocol to the same E.164 address, with minimum quantity 1  
> for service provisioning preferably with credit card or PayPal.  I'm  
> looking for North America, but other locations would be interesting,  
> too.  Having the ability to port a number (mobile of fixed-line) to  
> the service would cause me to swoon with joy.

You can buy UK numbering with in/outbound SIP and SMS support from AQL  
- www.aql.com.

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