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Mon Aug 10 13:45:29 EDT 2009

We have made heavy use of the L3 ELS product, across both their vector
and viper networks and have been very pleased in both scenarios. There
is a fairly hefty minimum though so if you cant meet it and you

Have also dealt with Paetec, O1, Broadvox and 360 Networks, and off that
list 360 has a solid service offering, including T.38 if you need it
(L3's Vector network also offers this), but their footprint is limited
and their management tools aren't the best. Paetec and O1 are both solid
citizens but really nothing that makes them stand above the others.
Broadvox has great pricing and coverage but their consistency and
quality often suffer, and their management tools are atrocious. 

On Mon, 2009-08-10 at 12:46 -0400, Keith Leclaire wrote:
> Hi All,
> We’re currently shopping around for a new provider(s) for our inbound
> local DID’s (US). We’re currently working with XO and possibly
> bringing on Paetec. We’re also going to start looking into Level3,
> although we hear they require a hefty monthly minimum which we may not
> meet at this time. Does anyone have any experience bringing on Level3
> either for their true Local Inbound product or their VoIP Enhanced
> Local product?
> We need to provide local DID’s for our residential customers and was
> also hoping to find a cost effective manner to provide local DID’s as
> access numbers into our calling card/international long distance
> platform. We realize this may result in utilizing two different
> products or providers. 
> Any suggestions from the list?
> Thanks,
> Keith
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