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Just to add to what David mentioned, in addition to complex call flows we
also spend a great deal of time planning and testing our origination
redundancy.  We like to focus on what type of equipment each carrier has so
we feel comfortable with how redundant they are, because unlike our
termination traffic, we have no control over the calls coming in... It also
helps to know their equipment so we know how easy interop will be.
The carriers I have experience with for origination --

XO - No origination redundancy.  You have to call them and they will swing
you to the redundant trunk.  No road map for adding in automagic redundancy.
360N - Redundancy
GLBX - Redundancy
Level(3) Vector - Highly Redundant

The big guys with a stable platform usually have Sonus gear and some have
ACME SBCs.  All of the above have Sonus equipment.

As far as account management, 360 is probably at the top and L3 second.  XO,
Global and L3 are just large though and sometimes it shows.

The other thing we like to make sure of is the carrier is doing some level
of call capturing for "go back in time" troubleshooting.  Nothing more
frustrating to a customer than something happening and no one has any clue
why.  Global and Level3 can do this very easily... It is on the 360N road


On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Hiers, David <David_Hiers at adp.com> wrote:

>  Not sure about the biz stuff, but L3 does pretty well for us (ELS and
> LI).  Be sure you’re on vector, not viper, if there is even a choice any
> more.
> Verizon has good voice quality, but can’t handle business signaling very
> well.
> Be sure that you test your most complex signaling path, especially one that
> hammers a call with a rush of signals.
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> Hi All,
> We’re currently shopping around for a new provider(s) for our inbound local
> DID’s (US). We’re currently working with XO and possibly bringing on Paetec.
> We’re also going to start looking into Level3, although we hear they require
> a hefty monthly minimum which we may not meet at this time. Does anyone have
> any experience bringing on Level3 either for their true Local Inbound
> product or their VoIP Enhanced Local product?
> We need to provide local DID’s for our residential customers and was also
> hoping to find a cost effective manner to provide local DID’s as access
> numbers into our calling card/international long distance platform. We
> realize this may result in utilizing two different products or providers.
> Any suggestions from the list?
> Thanks,
> Keith
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