[VoiceOps] Lower executive expectations for VOIP?

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
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	I think the hardest part of this is that a modern business switching
from traditional to VOIP is usually used to completely segregated networks.
I know I at least always prefer deploying VOIP on completely separate
infrastructure as much as possible, but the selling point of cost savings
usually overrides this.

	The effect of this is that now what happens on a company's existing
data network (or has already been happening for some time) can now effect
voice quality and reliability, but the blame and burden of proof still comes
back to the VOIP provider.  This has repeatedly been the most common issue I
have seen in deployments of business VOIP, especially hosted.  It also shows
how many companies have people running their networks that really have
little to no idea of what they are doing.

	This is also exactly why the bulk retail residential VOIP providers
put such little emphasis on their support, since they know it is a losing
battle especially in today's reality of shared access MSOs and
oversubscribed DSL providers.  And that is before they actively block or
shape the competition.


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Alex Balashov wrote:

> David Hiers wrote:
>> Do you get cut any slack just because its a VOIP phone, and VOIP is 
>> totally cool?
> In my experience, nobody gets this kind of slack, which is one of the 
> biggest problems with providing retail VoIP services from a churn and 
> liability standpoint, and to some extent ARPU as well.

A related and pervasive problem from a customer acquisition standpoint 
is a commonplace fear of VoIP - at times, a very exaggerated one that 
greatly exaggerates the magnitude and frequency of problems with it.

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