[VoiceOps] VoIP book and documentations.

Matt Riddell matt at venturevoip.com
Mon Aug 17 16:53:42 EDT 2009

On 18/08/09 3:29 AM, Rod.Dossouvi.CTR at dot.gov wrote:
> Any good VoIP book to recommend? Thanks,

That's possibly a little broad - it kinda depends on what you're looking 
to do - if you knew what software you wanted to use it would help but 
there are probably also general books.

Are you looking to convert an existing network to VoIP?  Are you wanting 
to run a PBX at home?  Are you wanting to bridge SS7 and VoIP? Or are 
you just looking for a detailed definition of VoIP - in which case 
wikipedia or something probably has some reasonable articles.

I'd say the best bet is to go to wikipedia, read up a bit on some of the 
involved technologies, then get a book on the ones you think you would 
use or that interest you.


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