[VoiceOps] TDM SS7 <-> SIP with Cisco, Dialogic IMG1010 and/or AudioCodes Mediant gear...

Peter Childs pchilds at internode.com.au
Tue Aug 18 22:50:22 EDT 2009

Gday folks.

I'm looking at some TDM SS7 to SIP options to interconnect our  
BroadSoft/ACME SBC platform to a more traditional SS7/TDM telco.

We have been checking out a PGW based solution, and also some of the  
more 'gateway' type devices (such as those from Dialogic and/or  

Whilst this may seem a very 'open ended' question has anyone had any  
hands on dealing with these solutions that can highlight any potential  
concerns and/or positive experiences?


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