[VoiceOps] TDM SS7 <-> SIP with Cisco, Dialogic IMG1010 and/or AudioCodes Mediant gear...

Colin zavoid at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 22:56:55 EDT 2009

Hi Peter,

I've got a lot of experience in the past with both the PGW solutions 
(nightmares many many nightmares) and I've also used the IMG1010  
solution which works very well(also depends on how many e1's or E3's  
your bringing in for scaling obviously).  Haven't seen the price  
points of cisco's PGW solution recently but i know the IMG1010's have  
come down a lot in price as well.  One of the nice things about the  
IMG's is the ability to "manage" multiple IMG's from one control box 
(gcems) very effectively.


On Aug 18, 2009, at 10:50 PM, Peter Childs wrote:

> Gday folks.
> I'm looking at some TDM SS7 to SIP options to interconnect our  
> BroadSoft/ACME SBC platform to a more traditional SS7/TDM telco.
> We have been checking out a PGW based solution, and also some of the  
> more 'gateway' type devices (such as those from Dialogic and/or  
> AudioCodes...)
> Whilst this may seem a very 'open ended' question has anyone had any  
> hands on dealing with these solutions that can highlight any  
> potential concerns and/or positive experiences?
> Cheers,
>  Peter
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