[VoiceOps] Call forwarding issue

Rod.Dossouvi.CTR at dot.gov Rod.Dossouvi.CTR at dot.gov
Thu Aug 20 09:52:47 EDT 2009

user is trying to have calls forwarded to her cell phone. When enters: 
9-xxx-xxxx, local callers get forwarded fine, but long distance callers
get an error. 
Alternatively, when user enters: 9-1-615-xxx-xxxx, long distance callers
can now get through, but 
local callers get the same error.  Any input? Thank you.


Rod Dossouvi

Sr Network Engineer

INDUS Corporation
1200 New Jersey Avenue South East
Washington, DC 20590
Direct 202-366-9028

Mobile 240-422-4588


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