[VoiceOps] network jitter tools

Jason Vanick jvanick at spruce.oaknet.com
Mon Aug 24 13:12:05 EDT 2009

+1 on wireshark/packet tracing

I actually wrote a 'interface' around gulp (a packet grabber) and pcapmerge
to allow our support folk to selectivly pull traces from a bunch of passive
taps in our network.

Initially I was also capturing RTP streams, however, due to legal concerns, I
now only turn up individual filters for RTP.

however, all signalling still does get caught.. makes it really easy to retroactively
look for a packet trace when the customer calls in an hour later with an issue.

it all currently writes to a 16 TB dedicated EMC SAN.

I'm getting ready to release my package as open source...  internally I call it the
'MegaSniffer'... however, not really sure what to name it going forward.

there's been lots of ideas for go-forward development, including auto-parsing the signalling
data (sip ladder diagrams, etc)... however, the way it is right now has been used extensively
by our support folk.


> Carlos Alcantar wrote:
> > Hey guys just putting a list together of tools to diagnose network 
> > jitter what are you guys using out there?
> Wireshark.
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