[VoiceOps] Requal - VoIP quality analysis and alerting

David Hiers hiersd at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 14:05:48 EDT 2009

So many of our issues have been based in on a futzy card in a crappy
gateway in a backwater market that a core-based device that could not
test the actual call path used by our far-flung customers didn't get a
whole lot of traction.


On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 10:21 AM, John Todd<jtodd at loligo.com> wrote:
> I've had some high hopes for recqual, though I have to admit I've not used
> it other than to get it running once.  It's an end-to-end voice quality
> analysis system which creates looping calls with known audio patterns,and
> then self-examines the audio in both directions to determine if there is any
> unusual result in the sound comparison.
> Has anyone used it at length?  Is anyone interested in helping develop this
> platform?  It seems like a fairly universal solution to monitoring voice
> quality in a network, in a truly "as-the-user-sees-it" manner.  It has
> Asterisk as its core, but could work in conjunction with any VoIP or even
> TDM platform as it is simply a call generator/receiver.
> http://www.voip-info.org/wiki/view/Recqual
> JT
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