[VoiceOps] Anyone with Taqua experience on the list yet?

Robin Rodriguez rrodriguez at ifbyphone.com
Wed Aug 26 12:40:10 EDT 2009

Working with a CLEC that is trying to interconnect with us they are  
using the Taqua 7000 with a packet interface. They are not that  
familiar with the SIP side of things so we're doing what we can to  
assist. The roadblock we have run up against is that we cannot get the  
Taqua to honor record-route headers. Being a thousand miles away and  
not having access to the equipment makes it difficult to try things  
with the myriad of "IP Endpoint Types" the Taqua has, and I am curious  
if someone can verify that record-routes work in *some/any*  
configuration on the Taqua.

For the record they do have the "compliantToRFC" option set to RFC3261  
in the endpoint profile, one would think that would be enough  
but....clearly isn't

Any advice/experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Robin D. Rodriguez
Ifbyphone, Inc.
rrodriguez at ifbyphone.com

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