[VoiceOps] Anyone with Taqua experience on the list yet?

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Wed Aug 26 17:46:50 EDT 2009

We don't use the PICs (we have other gear for voip) but our manuals 
mention nothing about record route.

I suggest having the CLEC engage TAC. They're generally helpful* and if 
they don't currently implement it, they may be willing to put together 
an ISU to implement it.

 (* If the issue is complicated and requires follow up, often you have 
to chase them down for status, but I have few vendors where this is not 
the case)

Robin Rodriguez wrote:
> Working with a CLEC that is trying to interconnect with us they are 
> using the Taqua 7000 with a packet interface. They are not that 
> familiar with the SIP side of things so we're doing what we can to 
> assist. The roadblock we have run up against is that we cannot get the 
> Taqua to honor record-route headers. Being a thousand miles away and 
> not having access to the equipment makes it difficult to try things 
> with the myriad of "IP Endpoint Types" the Taqua has, and I am curious 
> if someone can verify that record-routes work in *some/any* 
> configuration on the Taqua.
> For the record they do have the "compliantToRFC" option set to RFC3261 
> in the endpoint profile, one would think that would be enough 
> but....clearly isn't
> Any advice/experiences would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
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