[VoiceOps] AT&T/Verizon Wholesale Local Phone Service

Gabriel Kuri gkuri at ieee.org
Sat Aug 29 15:03:53 EDT 2009

Anyone have recommendations of companies that offer wholesale local 
phone service (traditional POTS) through AT&T and Verizon for resell?

We're looking to setup specific customers with an AT&T or Verizon 
traditional POTS line for specific applications. I suppose we could go 
to AT&T or Verizon directly, but I'd really rather go through a company 
that already has the agreements with AT&T and Verizon in place. We want 
to be able to put in orders with said company for the POTS lines in the 
respective Verizon and AT&T territories and have the bill come to us 
directly (ie wholesale solution). Whether or not it matters, these 
traditional POTS lines do not need long distance, only a phone number 
with unlimited local phone service and 8xx dialing, that's it.


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