[VoiceOps] Contacting Carriers and CLECs (Specifically T-Mobile today)

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Tue Dec 1 15:06:09 EST 2009

Even better, when we've gotten through to them and actually opened a 
ticket, after finding someone with a T-Mobile phone, evidently the rep 
has something like 3 minutes to explain the issue to their NOC and 
convince them to take the ticket, at which time the call terminates and 
they have to try again, or something goofy like that.

T-Mo was the absolute most horrid experience we ever had with routing 
issues. If you find one, definitely share it!

Scott Berkman wrote:
> Does anyone know of a centralized list or standard method of reaching 
> other CLECs and Carriers, specifically Cell Carriers? Something 
> similar to Puck’s NOC list (http://puck.nether.net/netops/) is what I 
> am thinking of.
> We are having some routing issues to certain numbers we own from 
> T-Mobile and are having issues reaching the right type of support 
> staff, especially since you can’t even get their regular support 
> without an account.
> Thanks,
> -Scott
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