[VoiceOps] Contacting Carriers and CLECs (Specifically T-Mobiletoday)

Nick Reifschneider Nick.Reifschneider at 360networks.com
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We've had the same issue arise during ports, primarily from T-Mobile and
AT&T Wireless.  The below link will take you to the ATIS website that
has two contact documents for various carrier NOC's (Company Specific
Contact Directory and LNP Contact Directory).  The contact directory is
very extensive and includes LNP Trouble Reporting.  You'll need to
register with ATIS.


Hope this helps.




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Does anyone know of a centralized list or standard method of reaching
other CLECs and Carriers, specifically Cell Carriers?  Something similar
to Puck's NOC list (http://puck.nether.net/netops/) is what I am
thinking of.


We are having some routing issues to certain numbers we own from
T-Mobile and are having issues reaching the right type of support staff,
especially since you can't even get their regular support without an





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