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Yes, number of Tandem trunks and/or PRIs.

	Remember that Level 3's voice service was born out of their managed
modem service.  As the modem business (especially that of their really large
wholesale customers) started declining, that capacity was converted to (or
shared with) IP media gateways.  Therefore areas that didn't have a large
capacity in the modem world didn't have a large capacity for calls.

	Since the voice services have grown rapidly, lots of capacity has
been added as needed in different areas, but like all carriers there are
cost analysis's that go into where to add capacity and when.

	We have had a few issues recently with customer complaints on this
very topic, and when I opened a Level 3 ticket for intermittent completion
issues, I was told that they have a capacity issue based on the fact that
for the given NPA-NXX, the capacity being requested far exceeds the
population and expected population growth of the area.  Based on that, Level
3 was not planning on adding a lot of capacity into that area any time soon.

	I passed this response on to the customer and recommended they bring
this up with their conferencing provider.  I believe that eventually the
carriers that are offering these free conferencing services will see that
they are losing business based on their practices and make appropriate
changes, but we'll see how long that takes.


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Ujjval Karihaloo wrote:

> Level 3 reported that they have less bandwidth to those LECs to carriers

That doesn't make any sense.  Bandwidth in what respect?  Size of trunk 
groups in access tandem links?  Those places are in low-populated areas; 
   it is logical to expect their facilities to be less dense there than 
in metro markets.  That's not really "bandwidth" in the conventional 
sense, either way.

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