[VoiceOps] Conferencing NPAs

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Tue Dec 8 12:40:45 EST 2009

Carlos Alvarez wrote:
> On 12/8/09 10:22 AM, Alex Balashov wrote:
>> That doesn't make any sense.  Bandwidth in what respect?  Size of 
>> trunk groups in access tandem links?  Those places are in 
>> low-populated areas;   it is logical to expect their facilities to be 
>> less dense there than in metro markets.  That's not really "bandwidth" 
>> in the conventional sense, either way.
> I'm working on a project that will require completion of up to 1m 
> calls/hour into particular areas, so I'm learning a lot about the 
> details of inter-carrier capacity and bandwidth available for voice.  A 
> company like L3 has IP connectivity into most of the areas where it can 
> terminate/originate calls, and the amount of that is based on 
> expectations of call volume based on the type of area and population.  
> Then there are the telephony trunks from the L3 IP gateways to the local 
> carrier(s) which have a hard limit of concurrent calls.

Does that include access tandem links?  I was under the impression that 
when it came to termination in podunk areas where a company like Level3 
would have no interest in colonising end-offices, they just acted like a 
normal IXC and threw stuff into the tandem.  And that the only way to do 
that remains SS7/TDM unless riding some sort of intermediary.  Am I wrong?

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