[VoiceOps] analog pulse dialing solutions

Brian Tate Brian_Tate at SyncGlobal.net
Wed Dec 9 12:33:17 EST 2009

As update, the decision was made to upgrade the alarm system to support tone
dialing.  (Anyone surprised?)

Carlos, this customer also successfully hangs a credit card machine, one fax
and two modems on this same analog line we started providing recently.  They
use a "Commswitch" (?) device to share the line between the fax and modems;
the CC machine is simply bridge tapped between the Commswitch and our
demark.  And of course, the alarm system is set-up for line seizure in front
of it all.  We provide the analog line with an Adtran IAD that supports both
G711 and t.38 on the line.

Thank you again to all,

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On another note have you do you know if the alarm modem will work over
voip?  With my experience fax works with t.38 normal modem calls not so
well. Hit and miss.

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