[VoiceOps] 10 digit craziness

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Dec 22 15:31:26 EST 2009

On Tue, 22 Dec 2009, Carlos Alvarez wrote:

> An interesting issue.  We almost had something similar happen internally 
> because one of our carriers (soon to be ex-carrier) only sends and accepts 
> ten digits on US calls, and country code without the + on international.  The 
> way our routing and billing is set up we expect to use the country code on 
> all calls.  They think we're strange to expect it that way.

  I'm kinda sick of all of us US-based folk thinking we don't have to use
  our country code.  I think all wholesale VoIP providers, even if they just
  handle US/Canada, should require the use of the leading country code for all
  calls, NANPA-terminated included, and for origination that CallerID should
  ALWAYS include the country code.

  You know how hard it is to standardize, both internally and globally,
  when most telecom providers only support 10 digit caller ID?  What about
  the UK?  What about China?  And when callerID comes in, and it doesn't
  conform to NANPA NPANXXXXXX, what country IS it from?  I can guess, but
  I'd like to know, not guess.

  Seriously, when will we get together to realize that telecom is a GLOBAL
  enterprise and that we should all be pushing for support for the already
  open standards like E.123, E.164, RFC 3966, etc?

  None of my providers follow ANY of these standards -- we have to write
  code that translates our Standards-based system into their hacks.

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