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Tue Dec 22 15:43:46 EST 2009

Thats unusual, I have found that everybody I use for origination and
termination supports E.164, some require it and sometimes you need to
shout at them a little bit, but they always give in and configure
support for it. It is for the reasons David posted that I wont do any
peering side traffic that isn't in full E.164, and I only do 10D format
on the access side.

On Tue, 2009-12-22 at 15:31 -0500, Peter Beckman wrote:
> On Tue, 22 Dec 2009, Carlos Alvarez wrote:
> > An interesting issue.  We almost had something similar happen internally 
> > because one of our carriers (soon to be ex-carrier) only sends and accepts 
> > ten digits on US calls, and country code without the + on international.  The 
> > way our routing and billing is set up we expect to use the country code on 
> > all calls.  They think we're strange to expect it that way.
>   I'm kinda sick of all of us US-based folk thinking we don't have to use
>   our country code.  I think all wholesale VoIP providers, even if they just
>   handle US/Canada, should require the use of the leading country code for all
>   calls, NANPA-terminated included, and for origination that CallerID should
>   ALWAYS include the country code.
>   You know how hard it is to standardize, both internally and globally,
>   when most telecom providers only support 10 digit caller ID?  What about
>   the UK?  What about China?  And when callerID comes in, and it doesn't
>   conform to NANPA NPANXXXXXX, what country IS it from?  I can guess, but
>   I'd like to know, not guess.
>   Seriously, when will we get together to realize that telecom is a GLOBAL
>   enterprise and that we should all be pushing for support for the already
>   open standards like E.123, E.164, RFC 3966, etc?
>   None of my providers follow ANY of these standards -- we have to write
>   code that translates our Standards-based system into their hacks.
>   Annoying.
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