[VoiceOps] 10 digit craziness

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Dec 22 15:46:53 EST 2009

On Tue, 22 Dec 2009, anorexicpoodle wrote:

> Thats unusual, I have found that everybody I use for origination and
> termination supports E.164, some require it and sometimes you need to
> shout at them a little bit, but they always give in and configure
> support for it. It is for the reasons David posted that I wont do any
> peering side traffic that isn't in full E.164, and I only do 10D format
> on the access side.

  Which I understand.  Customers don't care about standards, they want to be
  lazy and dial 7 digits like the olden days, or 10 digits because they are
  lazy.  Remember when that lady came on the phone to tell you that you did
  it wrong and you needed to "Dial a 1 (one) when calling this number."
  Ahhh, the good ole days.  Now customers just gripe about it and we yield.

  But we can convert their lazy to E.164, and I wish everyone did.

  Do any US DID providers offer full E.164 CallerID?

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