[VoiceOps] SIP routing engine - growing pains

Peter Childs pchilds at internode.com.au
Mon Nov 2 20:00:05 EST 2009

On 03/11/2009, at 6:48 AM, Jay Hennigan wrote:

> Thank you all for the feedback, lots of good input!  Please see  
> notes inline:
> Lee Riemer wrote:
> > Maybe just a Metaswitch call-agent (CA9020) would suffice.  This  
> would
> > be without the MG2510 or 3510 media-gateway piece.
> I wonder if Broadsoft is similarly modular where we could go with  
> just the routing engine without the feature server?

The BroadSoft Network Server is basically a Re-direct Server based on  
its configuration.

I'm happy to be 'shot-down' but I would class it as a product to be  
used to front the BroadSoft Application Server clusters (Class5), but  
BroadSoft are not really a 'Class4' type product.   For example on a  
NS you can't :
    Generate CDRs (its a redirect server)
    Have any concept of routing based on load (its a redirect server)

BroadSoft do now support xen-virtualised deployment for small qtys (ie  
like... 15k ent/30k res subs) on a 2 or 3 boxes.

Looking closely at your 'list' a pair of acme's in HA might probably  
do the trick, depending on how complex you wanted things.   ACME's  
SBCs are a nice bit of kit to have in your infrastructure...

Coupling some ACMEs (for edge) and OpenSER (for core) could give you  
some pretty sweet capabilities.


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