[VoiceOps] PGW 2200 version 9.8.1 - C7-Link

Albert Etsebeth albert.etsebeth at is.co.za
Mon Nov 2 11:32:46 EST 2009

Hi All

What I need to know:
Does the newer PGW 9.8.1 software allow one to configure one C7-Linkset
connecting via AS5400XM gateway ³A² to signal for media links that are
connecting via a different AS5400XM gateway ³B²
Media links on both AS5400XM gateways A & B are connecting to the same
³Media Transfer Point²

I know for a fact that previous PGW 2200 versions ie. 9.5.2 could not
support this without the use of ³ITP² ( Cisco IP Transfer Point -
LinkExtender ).

This would simplify configuration and and allow for much less C7 Signaling

I unfortunately cannot test this in the Lab as we do not have enough
equipment to simulate this.




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