[VoiceOps] PGW 2200 version 9.8.1 - C7-Link

Andrew Bergman acb at staff.iinet.net.au
Mon Nov 2 23:45:03 EST 2009

Hello Albert,

>From what you are describing, I see no reason why you cannot achieve what you are after using 9.5(2), we are using 9.5(2) here in both nailed-trunk and call-control modes with both standalone SLT and integrated SLT (AS5400HPX) based signalling links.

(The ITP-L, formally known as the SLT - the product was just renamed, is a different beast to the ITP)

Are you saying you have something like the following:

GW-A: SS7 Signalling Channel + Trunks using GW-A SS7 link
GW-B: Trunks using GW-A SS7 link

This should just work - as long as you have defined a C7IPLNK, SESSIONSET, SS7PATH, etc, you can apply the SS7PATH in your trunks file to apply to any IPLNK.  I have found no behavioural difference (for signalling purposes) between the Integrated SLT or standalone SLT in our network.

I don't have the spare infrastructure in my model at present to re-replicate this scenario, and due to infrastructure relocations the usage of this in our production network has ceased.

This documentation, which I assume you have already seen, should cover this scenario:



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Hi All

What I need to know:
Does the newer PGW 9.8.1 software allow one to configure one C7-Linkset connecting via AS5400XM gateway "A" to signal for media links that are connecting via a different AS5400XM gateway "B"
Media links on both AS5400XM gateways A & B are connecting to the same "Media Transfer Point"

I know for a fact that previous PGW 2200 versions ie. 9.5.2 could not support this without the use of "ITP" ( Cisco IP Transfer Point - LinkExtender ).

This would simplify configuration and and allow for much less C7 Signaling links

I unfortunately cannot test this in the Lab as we do not have enough equipment to simulate this.



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